Summer Auction Sets New World Records

If you attended or watched the summer auction then you saw all the fireworks.  Collectors were out in force online, in person, and on the phone.  We had more than 900 different bidders participate in the sale and the prices certainly reflected that intense interest.

World Records:

New world record prices were set for both Georgia and Kansas national banknotes.  The previous GA record was $29,900 set in 2004.  We sold a newly discovered Georgia deuce for $58,500.  We also auctioned a 1902 $50 red seal from Wichita.  We were expecting it to sell for around $10,000 and wound up closing for $53,820.

What’s Hot?

As is usually the case, fresh to market finds with a good mix of rarity and condition sold best.  That applied to both banknotes and advertising signs.  A Sinclair red walking dino porcelain sign sold for more than $16,000.  Collectors are always most interested in items with reasonable estimates and accurate descriptions.  We strive to have auctions that are attractive to both consignors and buyers.