Ulster County Gazette Newspaper - January 4, 1800

A framed newsprint of the Ulster County Gazette published at Kingston, Ulster County, New York by Samuel Freer and Son, Vol. II Num. 88, dated Saturday January 4, 1800. It is generally quite obvious why an old newspaper was saved, and it was usually because the paper documented a major historical event. This paper happens to be the first newspaper of the 19th century printed by The Ulster County Gazette. So one has to wonder if it was saved for that fact alone, or if all of the other events recorded in this double sided single sheet paper were the reason it has survived for 215 years. The printing has a large amount of space dedicated to the on-goings of Congress with President John Adams as well as articles discussing the burial of George Washington, including a poem memorializing him. George Washington's death was a hugely significant nationally mourned event in the early history of our nation. The paper also includes a number of typical official notices regarding estates and classifieds for various dealings. There is even reference to a Negro Wench for sale, which is shocking reminder of our nation's history both above and below The Mason Dixon Line. It is fair to assume that this is a one of a kind survivor that is important as both a collectible item and an original archive document. Normal creasing from use, moderate soiling and staining. Size: 24" x 18" (newsprint), 29" x 23" (framed)

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