Best Tips To Achieve Top Dollar At Auction

Get The Most For Your Consignment

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is trying to sell their items privately to dealers or collectors before considering an auction.  It is only after the dealer/collector negotiations fall through that the seller decides to auction.  A fresh item that has never been exposed to the collector market or dealer community will always sell for more money at auction than something that has been shopped around and then consigned.  So our advice would be to get an auction estimate before you show anything to a dealer.

Always try to send your items in as far ahead of an auction as possible.  We actively promote our auctions through dozens of collector websites that we own.  We post pictures of every consignment on our social media platforms.  We also advertise in many different printed periodicals.  The earlier we have something, the better we can promote it.  We know it is tempting to postpone the auction/sell/hold decision until as late as possible.  However, if we have something a couple months before the consignment deadline, then we can advertise it much more effectively.

Try to avoid making the mistake of cross-promoting your consignment on your own.  This may seem like a good idea, but it is very frustrating for dealers and collectors to get bombarded with soliciting emails.  We spend tens of thousands of dollars before every auction to make sure the right people know about your consignment.  All of the need-to-know buyers will definitely know that your item is available for sale.

That is really just three easy steps.  Talk to us first, make your decision early, and let us do the rest.  That is the best way to get the most money out of your consignment.

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