How To Auction With Manifest Auctions

Our Six Basic Auction Steps

We try to keep the auction process as simple and pain-free as possible.  Here are the six basic steps of how our auctions work.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason with any questions.  Don’t forget that we buy items directly from sellers if you prefer not to auction.


Step 1 – The Estimate:  Please contact us via email or our contact form.  We can give you an estimate of what your item should sell for at our auction.  View our FAQs to learn about our 0% consignor fees.

Step 2 – Mailing:  If you decide to consign to our auction then you will need to send your items to us so that we can properly photograph, advertise, and expose them to collectors.  We have some tips on how to best ship your items.

Step 3 – Contract & Advance:  Many consignments will qualify for a free opening bid advance.  We typically send the check with our consignment contract.

Step 4 – Pre-Auction:  We will send you a link to an account so that you can see pictures and descriptions of all of your consignments.  This way you can track all of the activity on your lots leading up to the live auction.

Step 5 – The Live Auction:  You can watch the auction live online or you can come to the actual auction event.  After sales have been finalized then you can log into your account and see the total.

Step 6 – Settlement Checks:  We mail settlement checks 30 days after the auction has ended.