Historical Memorabilia

We auction historical memorabilia in conjunction with other important antiques.  The types of historical memorabilia that will do best at our auctions will be related to American history and date between 1620 and about 1950.  We are accepting any consignments of value.  However, items that tie into military history, social movements, or landmarks events will be of particular interest.  Signed documents and manuscripts, flags, maps, medals, and buttons have a close following at our auctions.  We also auction original photography and pre-1899 firearms.  If it is rare, unusual, or historically important then it will probably sell well at one of our history auctions.  You can consult our FAQ guide to learn more about our upcoming events and our 0% seller rates.  Please contact us via email or our contact form if you would like an appraisal, offer, or auction estimate on your historical memorabilia.

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