Value Guide

We understand that the decision to auction or hold often comes down to the value of the item you are looking to sell.  The easiest and quickest way to get an accurate value is to email us ( or fill out our form to get a free appraisal and auction estimate.  We respond quickly to all inquiries.

We have also created a great guide that gives you a lot of need to know information about what sells well at our auctions.  Our value guide tells you about the quality and types of items our bidders are looking to buy.  We have tried to include as much information as possible, but we would still strongly encourage you to contact us before making any final decisions.  Sometimes the smallest detail can make one item worth $10 and a seemingly identical item worth $10,000.  It never hurts to consult an expert.  Please remember that all of our information is free and happily given.

United States Currency Value Guide

There are hundreds of different types of United States paper money.  Some varieties can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, or more!  Our guide will teach what currency has the most value.  The three most important value factors are the rarity, condition, and serial number.  Once you understand those then you can value pretty much anything.

Canadian Currency Value Guide

Canada has a rich numismatic history.  There are lots of very rare Canadian banknotes that were printed mostly between 1860 and 1920.  The collector market is really starting to appreciate these rarities and pay up accordingly.  Our guide will walk you through the three main types of Canadian currency and explain which ones are better than others.

Foreign Currency Value Guide

While it is a sad reality that the majority of foreign currency has little to no collector value, you definitely shouldn't assume that yours is worthless.  There is an active collector market for lots of world banknotes.  We have a list of countries and the years for which money from those countries is collectible and potentially quite valuable.

Antique Tobacco Tin Value Guide

Tobacco and other tins are colorful and very collectible antiques from a bygone era.  The top 1% of collectible tins can be worth more than $10,000.  Dozens of different tobacco tins regularly sell for a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars.  Our guide explains why some seemingly similar tins have such dramatically different values.

Antique Sign Value Guide

Antique advertising and sign collecting has never been more popular than it is today.  If you have a porcelain sign with the right mix of rarity, condition, and popularity, then the sky is the limit in terms of how much it can sell for at auction.  Our guide gives you some good tips on how to tell if your sign has a chance to be worth thousands of dollars.

Antique Beer Tray Value Guide

There are thousands of different types of collectible beer trays.  There is a systematic way to analyze a tray to determine if it is rare and valuable.  The most important factors are the age, condition, and artwork on the tray, as well as the geographic location of the brewery.  Please read our guide to learn about how these factors affect values.

Art Glass Value Guide

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a comprehensive art glass guide available on the internet?  Sadly, I think we are a long way from one of those existing.  Our guide may not be a one stop shop for all things art glass, but you will be able to learn which makers are most collected, and why some pieces from the same maker have such a wide value range.

Art Pottery Value Guide

The field of American art pottery is huge, diverse, and overwhelming for some people.  Our guide tells you what to consider when analyzing any piece of art pottery.  The most important factors tend to be maker, time period, size, decoration, and condition.  Once you understand those variables then you can do good, better, and best analysis.

Political Memorabilia Value Guide

Many political memorabilia items are unique one of a kind items that can be difficult to value.  Then there are also more available items where condition is extremely important.  Of course the president associated with some memorabilia will significantly influence the appeal to collectors.  Our guide gives you a crash course in what is rare and desirable.