Salt Lake City, UT - Ch. 2059 - $5 1875 First Charter

This newly discovered Utah territorial is just the second $5 first charter documented for the state. The other $5 FCP territorial is from the same bank and is listed as VG with problems. It was last available in 1986. To put the rarity of this note into perspective, please consider these population numbers of first charter territorial fives: Arizona-3, Colorado-33, Idaho-1, Montana-12, New Mexico-8, Dakota-11, Washington-3, Wyoming-6, Nebraska-0. I don’t think anyone would argue that this same type of note from Arizona, Idaho, Nebraska, or Washington would be a six figure rarity. Yes, territorials are in general scarcer from the four previously mentioned states, but good Utah territorials are rarely available for sale. In fact, all things considered, this is likely one of the ten best nationals known from Utah. This note was discovered in South Central Idaho just weeks ago where it had been in the same family as long as they could remember. It’s not a stretch to imagine this note migrated from Salt Lake City with the waves of Mormon pioneers that settled the area around Rigby, Idaho in the late 19th century. I would say I am sure that this note could tell some stories. However, based on its condition, I would say this note didn’t spend much time in commerce before being tucked away. The note is a much better than average VF, with strong paper and perfect signatures. For the sake of completeness we will mention a thin three point punch in the note this is about 1/16th of an inch wide and is only noticed when held to the light. Otherwise the note is free of pinholes and repairs.

Realized Price: $30420