Ogden, UT - Ch. 7296 - 1902 $10 Red Seal

Here is the crown jewel of the M&M hoard discovery. This was recently found on the Atlantic coast of North Carolina (at a flea market) along with a fairly large group of mostly Ohio national banknotes. The hoard produced some very rare finds, but none are more valuable than this red seal from Utah. A total of just nine different banks in Utah even issued red seals during their short production run of 1902 to 1908. This piece becomes just the sixth documented example for the state. As a type, only Hawaii red seals are scarcer. None of the five other Utah red seals is better than a VF 20, making this piece second best in terms of condition. And the condition is as nice as you could hope for on a circulated note. The note isn't cut askew and it is free of any condition issues like pinholes, splits, repairs, etc. The signatures are as bold and dark as the day this note left the bank more than a century ago.

An entire catalog could be written about the importance of Ogden, Utah as a Mormon community and railway travel hub; and two catalogs could be written about the business successes of the Pingree family. However, since space is limited we will just focus on the rarity and eye appeal of this amazing new Utah discovery that we think should perform very well at the auction today.

Realized Price: $30420