Ethan, SD - Ch. 13549 - 1929 $20 Type2

Rumors of this amazing discovery first started circulating in late Spring of this year. We are very pleased to be able to offer it to the collecting community for the first time. We can absolutely and unequivocally call this the best small size note known to exist on the state of South Dakota, and it really isn't even close. Ethan had a single national bank. It was chartered in 1931 and issued type2 notes only. The only other note known on the bank is another $20 bill and it has never been auctioned before. This serial number one note is of course the first $20 note issued by the bank. In total the bank issued just 1,070 banknotes! It is certainly up for debate, but the best large size note for any state has to be worth at least $75,000 or considerably more. It seems like the best small size note for any state should easily be worth our presale estimate or maybe even a lot more.

Realized Price: $12870