Fall River, MA - Ch. 256 - $10 Original Series #1

This is the hands down standout from a group of three Fall River notes that were consigned to us for this auction. I don't even know where to start with this one. First off, you just simply don't see original series first charter tens in this condition. PCGS calls it about uncirculated 58 PPQ. We had the note raw and didn't see any folds, and we still can't see any folds through the holder. This happens to be the only 409a that PCGS has listed in their population report. PMG doesn't even have a category for the 409a, which is in fact a relatively new classification that applies to original series tens without a charter number but with red serial numbers. So if you are collecting by type or by Friedberg number, you will have an extremely difficult time finding a better example than what we are offering here. With that said, the most exciting thing about this note has yet to be mentioned. It is a serial number one! We know that this note was issued early in 1864. It dates to the same time period as some of the most illustrious and important banknotes in all of numismatics. There are only nine serial number one original series tens known to exist from all banks in the country combined. One of those is extremely low grade, and three haven't been seen since the Grinnell auction in 1946. A note like this has not been offered for sale in the modern post-2000 market. The note is estimated at a price that should be very attractive even at the high end and beyond.

Date Sold: 10/25/14

Realized Price: $33930