Lufkin, TX - Ch. 5797 - 1882 $10-$20 Uncut Brown Back Sheet

This is an uncut sheet of 1882 brown backs from The Lufkin National Bank. It becomes just the second uncut sheet of brown backs known for the state and makes just 42 for the entire country. That total is for brown back sheets in general, not for $10,$10,$10,$20 sheets, which are far scarcer. The sheet has been folded a few times, but for obvious reasons I believe it is safe to say that it never circulated. We only touch on the condition out of habit, as the condition is really not important to the value of this item. There is no shortage of great numismatic rarities from Texas. The only thing that is rare is the chance to actually buy such an item. The majority of the best material is held in institutions and will never be for sale. Bid what you are comfortable paying because the estimate is conservative and it will likely be at least decades before a Texas brown back sheet is ever for sale again.

Date Sold: Sat, Feb 28, 2015

Realized Price: $25740