Longton, KS - Ch. 8525 - $10 1902 Red Seal

The term "miracle of survival" gets kicked around a lot and is sometimes overused. However, it applies here. This bank issued 250 sheets of red seals and just 11 sheets of blue seals before shutting down shop in the summer of 1909. That's a total of only 1,044 notes, all issued more than a century ago. Not surprisingly, before this discovery, there were exactly zero survivors reported for the bank. The condition obviously is not ideal. The note has some residue on the left margin. There is also a half inch internal tear at center. The note is otherwise fully intact and actually has two decent signatures hidden behind the circulation. If you need this one, then buy it, because odds are that there will not be any more opportunities after tonight.

Date Sold: 10/25/14

Realized Price: $5850