Fairland, IN - Ch. 8337 - 1902 $5 Red Seal

This serial number one red seal instantly becomes the nicest of an already limited number of banknotes known to exist from this one bank town. Of course the fact that it is a serial #1 and clearly a banking souvenir makes it rare and highly desirable. However, the condition should not be overlooked. This piece is completely free of any folds and is choice uncirculated. It was clearly stored out of sunlight because the red inks are as rich and dark as you will ever see. And being that it is from the first sheet of currency the bank issued, the cashier and president appear to have taken some extra time to perfectly pen their names. Fresh notes like this usually get bought and tucked away for decades. So if you are at all interested then this will likely be the only chance to acquire something from Fairland of this quality.

Realized Price: $11700