Triumph, IL - Ch. 7660 - 1902 $10 Red Seal

The Trophy from Triumph. Just when you think you have seen all the nice red seals, something like this kicks in your door and makes you take notice. This note has everything going for it. It comes with a period envelope stating that this ten dollar bill was saved because it was the first note signed by the bank president Mr. Wylie. The note is unquestionably uncirculated. The red inks are perfect and the embossing is clearly seen even at a glance. This is the first and only known red seal for the town and this is the first time it has been seen by the numismatic community. Today Triumph is an unincorporated community with less than 100 residents. Times were apparently better in the past because this institution was at one point known as “The Million Dollar Bank in a Cornfield.” I don’t know if this will wind up in an Illinois collection or a red seal collection, but it will surely be a highlight wherever it lands.

Realized Price: $8186