Fr. 1958-E* 1934B $5 Richmond Federal Reserve Note Star UNIQUE

At first glance this might not catch your eye, but the star specialists out there will immediately recognize this note for what it is. When this first came across our desk it had all the symptoms of being a unique find. No serial number data or value was listed in the standard price guide. We couldn't find any auction results. The grading services had also not certified any examples of this Friedberg number. Since then we have been able to confirm that this is a completely unique note. It is the only 1934B $5 star note known to exist for the Richmond district. It was part of the Myers Park cash hoard that produced a lot of the other Richmond notes offered for sale tonight. Of course this is the absolute highlight of that cache. This accidental survivor now gets to be the highlight of a collection and a key to a series that is hotly contested.

Date Sold: 10/25/14

Realized Price: $7897