Atlanta, GA - Ch. 1605 - $1 Original Series

The casual collector might dismiss this find as just another big city national. However, don't make that mistake when dealing with first charters from Atlanta. As we remember from our history classes, Atlanta fell to Union troops in the late summer of 1864 and the majority of the city was then burned to the ground. The fact that less than 24 months later The Georgia National Bank of Atlanta was open and circulating currency is a testament to the will of the South. Perhaps not surprisingly though, the business environment in Atlanta was shaky and this bank closed in 1877 after only issuing first charters. A total of four banks in Atlanta issued first charter notes. The only two surviving examples are this ace and a five from the same bank. In fact, if you took a list of all national currency known from Atlanta, this ace is easily the second best note for the entire town. That is quite the feat for a state capital that is today one of the largest cities in the U.S. In terms of condition, the note is heavily circulated but free of any abrasive condition issues.

Date Sold: July 11th, 2015

Realized Price: $12870