Eufaula, AL - Ch. 2309 - $5 Series 1875

Due to its strategic position on the Chattahoochee River, Eufaula was an important commercial center in the South long before other more "household" name towns came into prominence. It is because of the town's early prosperity that The Eufaula National Bank was able to open its doors in 1875. However, as rail and river transport became less important, Eufaula hit a depression and the bank failed in 1901 after issuing just first charters and brown backs. Today, all money from the bank is scarce. With this new addition the census stands at a mere four pieces, only one of which has a grade or auction result associated with it. In terms of condition, this piece is Fine with about three pinholes and five punches bigger than pinholes but not large enough to be called tears - all of which are only visible when held to light.

Date Sold: July 11th, 2015

Realized Price: $4972.5