Fr. 2231-B - 1934 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note New York

This is the highest denomination of United States currency that was ever legal to own by the American public. This particular note comes from the famous Binion's Horse Shoe One Million Dollar display at Binion's Casino in Las Vegas. Binion had 100 $10,000 bills displayed at his casino and it was a must see attraction for years. The display was dismantled in the early 2000s and the $10,000 notes were sold to collectors. The note being offered here is available for the first time since the original disbursement. The green seal is as vibrant and sharp as the day it was printed. The front of the note has huge margins. I can't imagine ever seeing a more attractive super-high denomination than this. PCGS notes minor restorations on back, which is to be expected on this issue. This is a chance to buy not only a piece of financial history, but a piece of Las Vegas nostalgia as well. This lot is being sold with no reserve and a $10 opening bid.

Date Sold: Sat, Feb 28, 2015

Realized Price: $122850