Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Buy Outright or Just Auction?

We conduct many private treaty transactions where sellers sell directly to us. We are always happy to make an offer on anything that is for sale that you would rather not auction.  Please contact us if you would like a price quote.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell At Auction?

Our selling fees are based on the value of the item being auctioned.  Rare and valuable items are auctioned at a very low seller’s commission.  Just send us an email and let us know what you have and we can quickly let you know what the cost would be.

How Can I Register To Bid?

Please see our bidder registration page.

When Is Your Next Auction?

We are currently accepting quality consignments.  A firm date is still pending.

How Does A Consignor Get Paid?

All auction disbursements are made via check.  However, if you make arrangements prior to the auction then we can pay via wire, paypal, or cash.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

We send payment checks out 30 days after the auction ends, which is much faster than the industry standard.  We also have very generous interest free advances available on many consignments.

What Is the Buyer's Premium?

We charge a 17% premium to the hammer price.

What Payment Forms Are Accepted?

We only accept checks, cash, and bank wires.

How Can I Place A Bid?

The easiest way to participate in our auctions is to come to the live auction event and bid in person.  If you can’t come to our facility, then you can bid online either prior to or during the live event.  You can also print and mail in a bidder form.  We also accept faxed bids to 864-520-2210.  Phone bidding is available for higher value lots.  Please make phone bidding arrangements at least 24 hours prior to the auction.

Do You Sell With Reserves?

Every lot we sell has a pre-sale estimate and a minimum opening bid.  The opening bid is 50% of the low estimate – and no bids are accepted for less than that opening bid.  A reserve higher than the opening bid can be set for especially valuable items or for items that are difficult to value.  We prefer to let the market decide the value by selling without additional reserves, but we also want to make sure our consignors feel as comfortable as possible that they will be pleased with their auction results.  Please contact us for details.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is invoiced separately based on the buyer location and insurance required.