Fall 2015 Auction Open For Bidding

Our October 24th 2015 Auction is now open and available for bidding.  You can view the entire auction and bid online from LiveAuctioneers.com.

The sale starts with a great selection of Handel and Pairpoint lamps.  The highlight of that offering is likely lot 6, which is a Pairpoint bouquet of roses puffy lamp.  The decorative arts portion of the sale also has some very impressive French art glass pieces.  The Galle vase in lot 13, the Argy Rousseau vase in lot 15, and the Daum Nancy vase in lot 17, should all sell close to or above their respective high estimates of $8,000, $12,000, and $15,000.

The banknote portion of the sale (lots 58-384) will be the main attraction for many bidders.  Several banknotes should break the $10,000 price point.  The uncirculated $5 first charter period territorial from Colorado Springs has the highest pre-sale estimate at $60,000 – $80,000.  It is just one of two territorials on the town.  Other highlights include serial number one notes from, Fairland-IN, Nanuet-NY, Wilson-NC, Cambridge-OH, DuBois-PA, Ethan-SD, Monongahela City-PA, and Salt Lake City-UT.  The semi-unique Van Nuys blue seal should sell well.  Three new blue seals from Chipley, DeFuniak Springs, and Lake City should be of serious interest to Florida collectors.  Dozens of high grade $500 and $1000 notes are available as well as lots of large size banknotes (bisons, chiefs, educationals, etc).  Don’t miss the exciting contents of the M&M Hoard and The Selvage Yard Collection

The M&M Hoard
You will see 20 different national banknotes described as being from The M&M Hoard or M&M Discovery.  These are the best notes of a group of more than 100 nationals and large size type notes that were discovered at an eastern North Carolina flea market in December of 2014.  They were relegated to a shoebox behind the vendor’s booth.  Our consignor happened to ask if the seller had any paper money – proving yet again that it never hurts to ask.  Many of the notes have a penciled price on the back right margin of the note.  It looks like most everything was just priced as a factor of face (most $10 notes were priced at $15).  It is fair to assume that the penciled prices date to the 1950s, or maybe even earlier.  Nothing in the hoard was newer than a 1902 date back or older than an 1882 brown back.  Our theory is that this is a cash hoard that was put away in the early 1910s, discovered again in about 1950, priced and sold for a little bit more than face, and then squirreled away until it was purchased intact at the NC flea market late last year.  It produced a lot of rare Ohio material.  But the Ogden, UT red seal is certainly the highlight.

The Selvage Yard Collection
There are 14 notes in today’s auction from The Selvage Yard Collection.  Large size national banknotes were printed in Washington DC and then shipped to local banks as uncut sheets.  Each sheet contained four banknotes.  The top and bottom notes from each sheet had some extra paper attached to them called the selvage.  Records are not kept of which notes still have their original selvage intact.  However, of the 165,000 large size national banknotes known to exist, there certainly couldn’t be more than a few hundred with selvage.  Of course having a rare feature like a selvage makes all of these notes unusual and rare by that fact alone.  However, what is really exceptional about the collection is the consistent high quality of each banknote.  The officer signatures are boldly penned, some in different color inks.  All notes have premium paper quality.  And most of the notes represent the finest example known for their respective banks.

Advertising & Miscellaneous (Lots 385-475)
The sale concludes with an eclectic mix of mostly advertising collectibles.  Fields covered include oil & gas, railroadiana, breweriana, and country store.  An extremely rare poster advertising the resort locale of Isle of Palms, SC should definitely draw some attention.  Another unusual and one of a kind piece is the 1790s canton from a flag with 15 stars and an eagle.