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Our Auction Philosophy

Manifest Auctions is a full service auction company.  We hold live and online auction events with a strong focus on numismatics, collectibles, decorative arts, and historical memorabilia.  We believe that offering a diverse group of rare and desirable items in one auction setting gives consignments the chance to sell for more money than they would otherwise bring in a specialized auction.  We like to create a competitive bidding environment where unique items really stand out and get as much exposure as possible.


About Us

Manifest Auctions is owned and operated by Manning Garrett.  Manning is a longtime dealer turned auctioneer.  He uses his experience on the dealer and collector side of the market to organize and run auctions that attract high quality consignments and serious bidders.  A quick glance at our Hall of Fame shows the types of items we typically handle.

Manning Garrett originally made a name for himself in the paper money field as being the go to expert for rare national banknotes.  He is responsible for some of the most publicized discoveries in numismatics in the last ten years.  Today he has the same passion for decorative arts and coins as he does for all types of currency.  Manning is either a member, life-member, or former board member of more than ten numismatic and collector societies.  Contact Manning via email at MGarrett@ManifestAuctions.com  (SCAL #4417)

auction house photo copyWe are what some would call a boutique auction house.  That simply means that we don’t handle everything that comes through the door.  We don’t deal with furniture or household goods.  We are mostly interested in rare and hard to find collectible items.  Our average lot value is usually somewhere around $3,000.  Our typical auction has a price range per item of about $500 to $75,000.  Please reach out to us if you think you have something that would be a good fit for one of our specialty auctions.